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It's A Parents Vacation After Alllllll

So, here it goes. I had my parents in town for the ENTIRE month of November 2006. As much as i bitched about it, i had an incredible time. See, my dad had a quadrouble bypass surgery last year and he even had to go the hospital the day before he came out this year. So it was an incredible experience to have him here at all .
Anyhow, we met up in Vegas(my parents love that town) Of course i missed them at the airport, lol, but somehow we conected eventually 

That's Me And My Parents At The " DAY AFTER " Nightclub In Hollywood, But More About That Later On

Ok, Starting In Vegas....
The Stardust Is Closed And Will Be Imploded I guess Shortly, So Sad!

My Mom's Favorite Slot " I dream Of Jeannie"
And You Thought The Favorite/Only Son Would Get All The Attention, NOT !

My Dad Being Mack Diddy, Or P Diddy - Not Sure
No Comment, It Get's Worse - Trust Me ! We Are Not Even In L.A. Yet.

So my dad wanted to see Death Valley, well - he likes Westerns, John Wayne, you can get the idea. But he thought Death Valley was a town, not considering DEATH(!!), you can't be living there!. Looked like a good idea when we were looking at the crabby road map Alamo was giving us....100 miles i can do in a day....

The Trip To Death Valley Was Beautiful

I Have This One As My Screensaver Now, Man, How Incredible Is This View?

This Is The Reason We Drove 2238 Miles In A Month

Traveling In November thruout California can be very misleading. Ok, It's 80 degrees in L.A, Mid 70's in Vegas. Heck Death Valley is still hot as hell, but there is no way you can get over the Sierras, Yosemity, or across the state in any way possible,  because the passes/roads are closed due to snow.
Basically, a short stop at Death Valley turned into a prolonged roadtrip. But you know, everything happens for a reason, so i take it, make the best of it. I did NOT expect to see snow on this trip, but guess what....

.....Yeah, We Are Getting Into The Snow. Pretty Though, Right?

Happy To Report That Skiing Is Exellent At Mammoth
Never Been There, So Did A Half Day Of Skiing! Incredible!

Toughest Part Of The Trip Was Getting From Mammoth To Sacramento(Yup, Sacramento) On Mountain Roads, I Guess That I Probably Was Driving Over 10 Mountains That Day While My Parents Were Sleeping In The Car. Everytime I conquered A Mountain, There Was Another One Right Up The Street To Conquer Again.  I Wish Nobody To Ever Have To Drive Those Streets... 

As Much As I Bitch About The Drive, It Was Beautiful To Do So

....This Was Actually The Biggest Surprise Of The Trip, What A Nice Town!

...Of Course We Had To Find A Bar To Get Some Drinks(A Lot As I Can Tell From This Picture)

San Fran
Somehow I Have Lave/Hate Relationship With This City


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